This Side of ZerØ

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Carl’s social anxieties, OCD, and headaches are the least of his problems. The biggest issue is denying the voice that has been whispering to him his entire life, which leaves him on the edge of sanity.

Rex is a lone wolf, and he prefers it that way. He takes what he wants, but keeps an orderly world—and that includes keeping the many women in his life carefully categorized. The little black book with which he shares his conquests is his only confidant.

Denise has written several letters to her estranged father, but there’s still an important one she’s been building up to. Her life is a lonely one—and she will either face the fear and loneliness … or succumb to it.

During a late-night thunderstorm in a small Midwestern town, amidst a power outage, these three lives will crash into one another … and the results will drastically alter the fates of each of them.

This Side of Zero is a dark psychological thriller set in modern-day Minnesota, told from several opposing viewpoints.


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Available in paperback.
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“I'm going to be haunted for months by the image of a little boy wearing one boxing glove. A beautiful, heartbreaking story of healing, redemption, and coming of age.”

—Carrie White-Parish, Glass House Press.


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Eric Linnell is the author of two novels. They are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle (E-reader, tablet, phone).
He lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

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