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"This Side of Zero is inventive, well-written and sometimes funny. Readers will root for Carl, inept as he is, and be amused by Rex's insufferable sexism and arrogance. This indie novel is as good as any I've read from the big publishers."
--Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Set in a small, claustrophobic Minnesota town, the pieces, parts, and players fit together to form an intricate puzzle that will keep readers guessing until the end ... In his second novel, author Eric Linnell delivers intricate plotting, page-turning suspense, lively characterization, intriguing dialogue, and touches of humor in a darkly tragic story that offers glimmers of hope. Surprisingly interwoven stories come together perfectly in this intensely disturbing novel about family dysfunction and small-town mentality."
--Carol Michaels, IndieReader, IR Approved ★★★★★

"Linnell's greatest strength lies in how he constructs his various characters' backstories. He engagingly reveals these events, which are riddled with moments of emotional neglect and instances of violence, as told in sporadic, reflective flashbacks or accounts of present-day confrontations. Overall, these revelations neatly justify the characters' fraught emotional states. The author further enhances the plot with occasional slow-burn mysteries (who is "Eddie," anyway?) and unexpected twists."
--Kirkus Reviews


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Reflex Blue

Available in paperback.
Just released on Kindle!

“I'm going to be haunted for months by the image of a little boy wearing one boxing glove. A beautiful, heartbreaking story of healing, redemption, and coming of age.”

—Carrie White-Parish, Glass House Press.


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Eric Linnell is the author of two novels. They are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle (E-reader, tablet, phone).
He lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

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